Antenna Spherical Measurements System

The NSI measurement system is ideal for measuring mmWave on chip antennas or packaged AUTS and applications from 10GHz to 110GHz.

It uses a multi-axis high accuracy stepper motor based positioning system to move the probe on a spherical surface while the AUT remains stationary. The system incorporates RF converter modules from VDI as part of the probe carriage assembly and maintains a probe tip radius of roughly 20″ (500 mm).

The VDI mm-Wave modules are exchanged to cover the relevant frequency bands, leaving the rack and cabling portion of the RF sub-system intact, making for a very modular and upgradable test system.

All positioners contain integrated RF rotary joints to maximize cable phase stability during testing and the Phi-axis positioner also contains a slip-ring assembly. The system is designed by NSI and fully incorporates into their software providing results in a number of different ways.


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Antenna Spherical Test


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